Ancient healing for a modern world

Plant spirit medicine treatments have benefitted me so deeply I hardly know where to begin! It feels as if after each treatment I step closer to living more authentically, both on a physical and emotional level, but also on a spiritual level. It has opened up a world to me that is closer to nature.



healing plant

“Plant spirit medicine is low tech; it produces healing purely through good relationship with the natural world.”

– Eliot Cowan, Founder PSM.

About plant spirit medicine

Our ancestors lived with a sense of grace in the world, intimately connected to nature. Illness was understood as an imbalance, and the healer's role was to return balance and harmony for that person and thereby restore their health.

Plant spirit medicine treats the source of any imbalance, renewing your health, and helping you to live fully from your own, true essential nature; just like our ancestors. This medicine is just as effective today as in times past.


No matter what life presents, this medicine has something to offer you