Plant Spirit Medicine Treatments

Before starting plant spirit medicine treatments I felt very fragile and I was struggling with anxiety, grief and health issues that seemed overwhelming. In less than a year the treatments have dissolved my fears, leaving me confident, strong and whole again. I have been amazed at the depth and speed of my healing. It has been the best investment in my health I could have made - I just wish I had discovered plant spirit medicine, and Phil, sooner.


red flower used as medicine and healing.

"When we relate to plants in a spiritual way it unlocks a potential for healing far beyond any pure chemical effect.”

– Eliot Cowan, Founder PSM

Plant Spirit Medicine Treatments

In our modern world we like to know outcomes in advance and we have come to expect quick results. Plant spirit medicine is different and is best understood through experience. It takes patience and requires commitment.

Working together in this way helps support you to move into the dream of nature; of joy, balance, harmony and healthy relationship with the world.

True healing requires addressing the sources of the imbalance