About Phil Roberts

Although skeptical by nature, I decided to give plant spirit medicine a try. It has been wonderful to remember and recapture the joy of living from the heart. Working with Phil has made me feel free and renewed, unlocking great joy and health within me, as well as for my family.


While on holiday in California in 1999 I found myself in a bookstore when a book called Plant Spirit Medicine, authored by Eliot Cowan, caught my eye. Eliot’s stories about his teachers, his journey and what was possible with the help of plants, ignited a spark for me. Reading this book uncovered a longing for me to learn how I could connect more deeply with the natural world.

Phil Roberts, a plant spirit medicine practitioner in Fremantle, Perth WA.

After returning home the initial inspiration began to fade, and I became unsure of what step to take next. Several months later I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and my life came to an abrupt halt. Previously I loved being active and fit, but now I barely had enough energy to get out of bed. Unable to work, even the slightest exercise left me exhausted for days.

I began to feel depressed and I despaired for what my future now held. Yet despite this, without being able to explain why, I somehow knew that Eliot, and the plants, could help me. This gave me hope. More than mere coincidence, it felt like a calling from the plants.

It gave me the motivation I needed to book my flights to the USA and start studying, as well as receiving treatments from Eliot.

After graduating two years later I returned to Australia with my health restored and began practicing in 2003. To practice plant spirit medicine I continue ongoing education with the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary and I am recognised as a Lay Spiritual Healer with the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

I now live in Perth with my wife and four children. To this day I continue to be humbled by the generosity of the plants as well as the courage of the people who receive the beautiful medicine they offer.

This gave me hope... it felt like a calling from the plants.