Medicine in the world

Ancient wisdom is timeless.

Many of us struggle to makes sense of the chaos and imbalance in the world around us. In times of upheaval and uncertainty we often long for the hope and trust that arises from deep wisdom.

Ancestral indigenous cultures held a worldview that supported humans to thrive in balance with the world for millennia. I am passionate about helping people live better lives by connecting with these ancient ways.

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Community Fires

All true healing requires restoring balance in our lives. Operating as the very process of transformation in our world, Fire is a very special medicine for all of us.

In 2007, after a lengthy training process, I was initiated as a Firekeeper with the Sacred Fire Community.

Each month I hold a Community Fire, open to everyone. Together we sit around the Sacred Fire and welcome each other, sharing our stories, listening to our emotions and connecting with our courage and letting go of what is not needed any more. In this way we have an experience of what is important in our lives.

We all need each other around the Sacred Fire.

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Australian Walk

The Australian Walk is a very special journey. Living in a time of rapid change, as we do, we all need a place where we have references for sorting who we are in our lives and to deepen our discovery of what there is to do.

Embarking on this sacred, purposeful journey together we learn that we are not alone in the world as human beings.

We follow the footsteps of those who came before, who knew the land and the stars looking down upon them, the sun, the wind, and all those divine expressions who informed them so they knew who they were.

Through our work and effort together, this journey creates transformation, learning and a shift of perspective not easily achieved in other ways. We discover a fire that ignites our soul and find a special place in this special land that we reside in. To walk the land, be held by the land, to be part of the land and to be informed by the land. To feel that divine presence, the endless mystery and to gain new respect and appreciation for the lives we live.

Established in 2003, this annual journey is held June/July each year. Anyone who feels moved to participate is encouraged to apply, with applications closing January 31st each year.

Please contact Phil for more details.

Connecting and building relationships with nature helps us find our place in the world.